Part Time Training

Part Time School Direct Training Programme

For some people, training to be a teacher full-time is not possible, perhaps because of childcare issues, or financial constraints. For candidates who have good in-class experience and strong subject knowledge we can offer a part-time course comprising of 3 days a week in school.  Online Professional Studies work, preparation and assignment writing is flexible and can be fitted in around other commitments.

Our part-time course is designed to run for a maximum of 18 months; however, a good candidate may be able to complete the programme in less time, if they can demonstrate that they have met the QTS standard. 

Applicants interested in this route will need to be successful at interview and then negotiate the detail of their programme with both the host school, the Directors of the ITT Programme and the Tes Course Director.

How to apply

Potential part-time trainees should apply in the same way as all other trainees, but should declare at the outset that this is something that they are interested in applying for. Part-time ITT is not for everyone and some partnership schools may not be able to offer mentoring over four terms.