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"Programme Directors have set up rigorous systems to assess trainees’ progression through the curriculum and that progression is checked purposefully."

Ofsted, July 2022


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The Programme was an excellent gateway to a fulfilling career. The training provided was informative and people delivering the programme were helpful at every step.


History trainee (now Head of Dept) 2021-22

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The hybrid learning was really useful and enabled me to complete the online sessions to fit in with my family life. The school experience, from day 1, really prepared me for school life. This, for me, was the best route into teacher training.


English trainee 2021-22

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The programme is well planned and structured with great resources. It's also given me the opportunity (as a PE Ebacc/Maths trainee) to explore a second subject which I have now chosen for my ECT years.


PE/Maths trainee 2021-22

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Before I started, I was 'on the fence' about whether or not teaching was right for me. Now I'm going into my first year of teaching as someone confident who loves their job, and this course has been instrumental in providing the knowledge and skills to do this!


Chemistry trainee 2021-22

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The support for trainees goes above and beyond and my confidence in my ability has grown so much! I can't wait to put everything into practice in my first ECT year.


English trainee 2021-22

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Hands-on experience in school and great mentoring from expert colleagues - would recommend this training route!


Drama trainee 2021-22

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They have a very personalised approach to everything they do - subject specific sessions, thinking about which schools are the best fit for you.


History trainee 2021-22

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Thanks - this is the way to learn to teach!


Computing trainee 2021-22

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It's a huge relief to have a job lined up for this September!

I have been so lucky with my mentors and placement schools, couldn't have got to where I am without them!


Primary trainee 2021-22

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Thank you all for the great support and wonderful advice and training that was provided during my training.

Despite the hurdles of the lockdown, I do feel I gained a valuable training experience that has definitely contributed towards my securing a job and having the confidence to be the ‘Teacher’ without the other person in the room.


English trainee 2020-21

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I enjoyed the camaraderie with other training teachers and the support from staff who genuinely cared about how I was doing. I also had great fun with extra curricular clubs and competitions, working with the students outside of the normal classroom environment.


Design & Technology trainee 2019-2020 - NOW HEAD OF DEPARTMENT

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This has been one of the best years of my career. I’ve learned so much and feel like I’ve found some real purpose within teaching.


English trainee 2019-2020

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As I qualify today, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your collaboration and constant support during the course of my training. Your input and advice have always been held at the highest regard.


Modern Foreign Langauages trainee 2019-2020

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The flexibility of the course was ideal. Learning the technical elements from the online course material whilst embedded in a school placement was ideal for me to build the classroom experience and confidence


Physics trainee 2019-2020

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I was always interested in teaching since I was at school myself, and when I began looking to change careers in my late twenties, I decided that the School Direct route was the best for me. It would allow me to work in a school throughout an academic year, get to know the students I would be teaching thoroughly, and as close to the experience of being a teacher while training as I could be. I also liked the opportunity to study remotely as I was not keen on attending university lectures again after such a long time in industry.


Geography trainee 2019-2020, now Head of Department

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Training has given me real confidence and skills to begin my NQT year - I feel like I have the preparation and experience to build on and become an ever more effective classroom teacher. 


Geography trainee 2018-19

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Training through Davenant School was great - the ITT team were very supportive and the school is a dynamic place to get into teaching. I felt well looked after straight away.


Modern Foreign Languages trainee, 2018-19

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The School Direct training route gave me the opportunity to learn how to teach in a nurturing and supportive environment where I was allowed to flourish. I was able to experience different schools on placement and had a wide variety of training in different subjects that helped me to become a well-rounded teacher. It was a tough year that I will never forget but it was well worth all of the late nights and hard work. I wouldn’t change it because now I am doing what I have always dreamed of.


RE TRAINEE 2017-18

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 I felt very well supported with a very well chosen Mentor, plus a supportive school and ITT Co-Ordinator. It was a big step to start teacher training, but it has been fulfilling and enjoyable, but hard work too. I had lots of positive encouragement and sound advice. The Wednesday training sessions were very good with interesting speakers and gave a great chance to catch up with other trainees for support and sharing ideas. The Provider took time and effort to understand my needs and background so that the approach for each trainee was tailored to their situation. I liked that the increase in responsibility was gradual and not too overwhelming.



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Training was a great experience. I felt supported by everyone, especially the Lead School Davenant, who were always very helpful with any questions or concerns we all had during the year.


RE TRAINEE 2018-19

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The increase in responsibility was gradual and not too overwhelming.


Science trainee 2018-19 - NOW HEAD OF DEPARTMENT

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I was concerned that at the age of 40, it would be impossible to change my career. Yet now with the support of the TES institute, I have the best job in the world. Working with children and inspiring them to fulfil their own dreams. Anything is possible and life really does start at 40